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The daggert of time

2, 3 eller 4 players

60 min.

Nørre Voldgade 18

280-350 kr/pers



As you hold the Dagger of Time, you will experience what it feels to slow, stop, or even rewind time! With your team, you will experience a larger-than-life adventure in the fortress of Time, going after an evil Magi.

The story takes place just after the events of the Two Thrones. The players are summoned by Kaileena, the Empress of Time, to stop the evil plans of a Magi who is attempting to restore the sands to the Hourglass to create an army of Sand Monsters.

Kaileena restores and gives the Dagger of Time to the players so they can reach the Hourglass Chamber and use it to stop the Magi. Will you make it on time?

POPDOT Garden Tower
POPDOT Garden Tower 02
POPDOT Fortress Of Time
POPDOT Central Hall


Is this VR game also an Escape Room?

Every basic principle in Escape The Lost Pyramid is the same as in any of our other physical Escape Rooms: You are locked inside somewhere, and you have to escape through curiosity, teamwork and creative-, logical thinking. Everything takes place in VR, though. You and your team members are still able to see each other and communicate, and you have to work together, as if it was a physical Escape Room. This, however, take place inside a pyramid!

Number of players

The game is programmed for either 2 or 4 players. 
However, we do have room for 6 players, which makes it possible for you to play 3 teams of 2 at once.

If you are more than 6 players, you could either book two rounds or book one of our Escape Rooms at the same time.
Read more about our other options here


The game is in English, and our gamemaster instructs you in your preferred language (Danish or English). Moreover, the hints will be in the same chosen language.


We recommended that you are at least 13 years of age if you wish to try our VR games.


If you wear glasses, we recommended that you switch to contacts when playing our VR games. Some players are able to wear their own glasses underneath the VR-goggle, but it depends on the size of the glasses.

Stand up/sit down?

In Escape The Lost Pyramid you are standing up the entire game.

Which technology?

In Escape The Lost Pyramid we use Oculus Rift S.

Do you have any questions?
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Our Escape Games are located 5-7 minutes walking distance from Nørreport Station. To park you car, we recommend using the car park underneath Israels Plads.


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Opening hours

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