What is an Escape Room?

Live Escape Games/ Escape Rooms is a kind of break out game. You and your team have 60 minutes to break out of a room where you have been locked in. The games are inspired by computer games, where the plot is to find your way through mystical rooms and mazes by solving riddles and puzzles.

Can we use Escape Rooms as a corporate event?

Our games are very suitable for team events and company days out. You work together in teams of 4-8 players, and our games call for teamwork, where communication and creative thinking is the key. Everybody can join in as participating does not require any physical activity. The entire experience takes around 1.5 hours.


We have two locations just 5 mins. apart and within 8 mins walking distance from Nørreport Station. Each site has several Escape Rooms and themes. You can find our addresses and a map at the bottom of this page.


  • Normal price: 280 DKK. pr. person.
  • Friday and Saturday: 350 DKK. pr. person
  • Cheap Monday, after 16.30: 200 DKK. pr. person (not for VR)
  • Payment on arrival. All prices are inc. Danish VAT (moms)


Normally, you pay on arrival for the number of players you are on the day. You can pay by card, cash or by Mobile Pay.

You can also pay by invoices, but there is a fee of 400 kr. The payment has to have been transferred and cleared before you arrive. Furthermore, there are no refunds if you end up being fewer players than what you paid for.

Can we buy beer/water with you?

Yes, we have different kinds of 33cl beer and soda at 25 kr. per drink. You cannot bring them with you into the room, but you are welcome to enjoy them before or after the game :-)


We ask you not to be under the influence of alcohol when entering our rooms since your ability to think clearly and solve puzzles is essential when playing. Drunk participants will be denied access to our rooms.


You should always arrive at the time stated in the reservation. This is because the game itself takes max. 60 min, and with introduction and time to round off, the whole visit will last approximately 1½ hour from arrival to departure.

Is it dangerous?

Escape Rooms are very safe, and everyone can participate. Being locked in a room for an hour can be a little uncomfortable for some, but we monitor the game with both video and audio the entire time and can, at any time, let you out if you need to. In case of emergencies, all games also have exit buttons in the room that allow for a quick exit. In addition, for safety and security reasons, the rooms will not actually be locked. The games are built around a mission you have to solve, so walking out to get some air for a couple of minutes will not break or ruin the game. In our experience, 99,9% of players forget any claustrophobic feelings as soon as the game starts because they get immersed in the spirit of the game and are focused on solving the riddles with their teammates.

Fire: An Escape Room burned down in Poland on the 4th of January 2019. It was a tragedy that affected everyone in the field. The circumstances of the case were very particular in that a gas container was used for indoor heating.

We will shortly address what we do in terms of fire safety:

Our rooms and offices are spacious, and we have good and clearly marked fire escape routes. We have max. 24 players distributed on 200 m2. Our gamemasters sit just outside the rooms and monitor all guests with video and audio through two independent systems. We have smoke alarms installed in all games, as well as firefighting equipment and clearly marked exits. We have no real candles or anything particularly flammable in our games. All our rooms remain unlocked and can easily be escaped by opening the door and pressing the EXIT button for our magnet locks.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to us at info@escape-cph.dk.

Can I book more games within the same time slot?

Yes. However, our system can only handle one booking in the same time slot at the time. So just book and repeat the procedure. Of course, you are also always welcome to call us.

Room I or II?

We have chosen to replicate three of our themes/games. Game I and II are identical and are located in two different rooms at the same address. That way, both rooms can be booked and played simultaneously.

Available games today or tomorrow?

If you want to book a game for today or tomorrow, you have to call us directly on +4542909191. We have to check if we have the capacity and the correct amount of gamemasters available.

Alterations or cancellations?

It does not cost anything to cancel a booking. You can easily cancel a booking by clicking on the link in your booking confirmation email from escape-cph.dk. If you are fewer or more people than previously stated, it is not a problem as long as you keep to the minimum or maximum number of players required for the games you booked.


At least one player should be able to understand messages and information in either Danish or English.

Is Virtual Reality for everyone?

You have to be minimum 13 years old to play our Virtual Reality game. 10% of our customers experience motion sickness when playing the game, so please be aware of this when booking a VR game. Furthermore, people with epilepsy are not recommended to play VR games. See Oculus Rifts health and safety warnings here.

Number of participants?

In most Escape Rooms, you can be between 4 and 8 players. If you want to be fewer players per room than recommended, you will still have to pay for the indicated minimum number of players. If you are going to be more than the recommended maximum, we recommend that you book more rooms so that we can split the group into smaller teams. Our big Escape Room, Enter the Mind, can accommodate max. 14 players. When we are at capacity in all 9 Escape Rooms, we can have 78 people all playing simultaneously. Our Ubisoft Virtual Reality (VR) experiences can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players. In our VR team building game, Stop the Bomb, we have the capacity for 12-24 people at our offices at Nørre Voldgade 18. However, if you want to host the game at your offices in Copenhagen, we have enough equipment for 60 players.

Games for 2-3 players?

In our Virtual Reality Escape Games, you can be 2, 3 or 4 players. However, it is important to note that only The Dagger of Time can be played by 3 players and that it has a high degree of difficulty. In all other Escape Rooms, you can play with only 3 players, but you still have to pay for a minimum of 4 players.


Our rooms are designed for people aged 15 or more. Children under 15 years old can still participate, but only if accompanied by adults. Children under 12 years old can join in for free and are not seen as players regarding the minimum and maximum number of players recommended for each game.






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Our Escape Games are located 5-7 minutes walking distance from Nørreport Station. To park you car, we recommend using the car park underneath Israels Plads.


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