Family activities in Copenhagen

Have the usual family game nights with board games and the recurring trips to amusement parks gotten a little too trivial? Are you searching for different family activities in Copenhagen? Then bring the family to one of Escape Copenhagen's six Escape Rooms in central Copenhagen and strengthen the relationships.

Together you need to solve different tasks in an intense battle against the clock and the inevitable consequence that triggers if you do not keep your heads cool enough to accomplish your mission.


Challenging family activities in Copenhagen

At Escape Copenhagen, you and your family will get an unforgettable experience that will, without a doubt, differ from most other family activities in Copenhagen.

Our seven Escape Rooms creates the framework for the challenges as the circumstances are the same for everyone: You all need to work together to solve riddles, crack codes and uncover mysteries to escape. However, you only have 60 minutes, so you will truly need to test out your creativity, communication skills, and ability to work in teams to solve your mission in time.

If you fail in cracking the code before the time is up, you will have to face dire consequences. These consequences can be everything from an inhospitable Viking warlord in Vikings, a group of merciless terrorists in The Terrorists´ Cell or a vindictive janitor in The Psychotic Janitor.

Put your unique skills to the test before it is too late

Escape Copenhagen's Escape Rooms are a sure choice if you are searching for family activities that can be enjoyed by both young and old. The games require creativity, logical thinking, and a good sense of the bigger picture. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for every generation to contribute. The older generations offer their calm and wisdom, the middle generations use their problem-solving skills, and the youngest generations bring their curiosity and energy to the collected teamwork.

Bring your family with you to Escape Copenhagen if you are looking for activities for the entire family in Copenhagen. You can even book several games simultaneously if you have different wishes for the level of difficulty and the type of riddles. You can also try different games on the same day. However, no matter what you choose, one thing is certain: You will not experience anything like it in Copenhagen!


60 min | 4-8 spillere

The Psychotic Janitor

60 min | 4-8 spillere

Virtual Reality - Cosmos

60 min | 3-6 spillere

The Terrorist Cell

60 min | 4-8 spillere

The Solitary Monk

60 min | 4-8 spillere

Enter The Mind

60 min | 8-14 spillere

Escape Rooms

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Our Escape Games are located 5-7 minutes walking distance from Nørreport Station. To park you car, we recommend using the car park underneath Israels Plads.


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