Team building for companies in Copenhagen

A good team building event strengthens the resources that you and your colleagues pull on in your work environment; communication, cooperation, and the ability to keep your head cool under pressure.

Even if the consequences of a missed deadline are perhaps more deadly in our Escape Rooms than at your workplace, a visit to one of our stories is sure to improve your ability to handle any strict deadlines you might encounter in your company.

The purpose is to help you succeed better as a team when you have been through some challenging and fun activities with Escape Copenhagen. By improving your skills of cooperation, you will optimize your teamwork and get even better results in the workplace.

Try Escape Rooms or VR for your next team building day

No matter which company you come from or what field you work in, we can guarantee that you will get something constructive out of our team building activities. After all, the purpose of a team building day is to try something out of the ordinary and shake up old routines by being forced to solve tasks in a new way.

You can all return to your daily tasks with renewed team spirit after having bonded over the shared experiences you had. We will take charge of all the practicalities, so all you need to do is show up at one of our addresses near Nørreport Station.

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How our team building works for companies

Together with your colleagues, you will be challenged on several different fronts. Riddle solving, communication, teamwork, and fun experiences are all-inclusive in your team building package, both in VR and our Escape Rooms. For example, in the game The Psychotic Janitor, you need to find and avoid the traps that a mad custodian has installed in the basement where he has you trapped. Avoiding threats from your enemies is also a staple in Vikings and The Terrorist's Cell, where you must escape from either a ruthless Viking chief or a horrible group of terrorists.

Try our Virtual Reality game Stop the Bomb

  • In Stop the Bomb, a team member has been trapped in virtual reality with a bomb. The rest of the team must try to disarm the bomb before the time runs out. Be careful!

Escape Rooms

Book a fun team experience

Contact us if you want Escape Copenhagen to host your next team building day. We will be happy to recommend how many people can participate in each room, how many rooms you might need, and which stories might suit you best. Generally, our team activities take place in small groups of 4-8 people.

Book now for a fun team building experience in Copenhagen here on our website, or contact us via phone at +45 4290 9191 or email at info@escape-cph.dk.

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Our Escape Games are located 5-7 minutes walking distance from Nørreport Station. To park you car, we recommend using the car park underneath Israels Plads.


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